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Dead MMORPG Fallen Earth returns after 2 years

On September 22nd, 2009 the end-time MMORPG Fallen Earth started. In 2019 it was closed in a spectacular event and the servers were shut down one last time, it was thought. Now the game is back and doesn’t want you to pay for it.

What happened at Fallen Earth? The end time MMORPG closed its servers in 2019 and ended its life with a big event. Back then, a large monster was fighting the players and flattening everything before the game shut down.

The developers announced on Twitter that it would not be the end of Fallen Earth and that they were working on version 2. So far there is only sparse information on this.

But now the developer’s CEO reports first via Twitter and then in the official forum and announces that the old version of the game will be brought back. But different from what you think.

The new version is not yet ready, but to make the waiting time more pleasant for the players, the developers have decided to restart the old servers. But not only that, because the version has been adapted and improved.

What’s new in the old version? Originally, Fallen Earth was a Pay2Play MMORPG, a game where you had to pay monthly in order to continue playing. That changed in 2011, but there were still three different optional subscription models that brought advantages.

The developers emphasize that this classic version of Fallen Earth is simply there to be fun and to be able to play the game again. Therefore, all players will automatically have the benefits of the highest subscription level. The game itself doesn’t cost anything either and there won’t be an in-game shop.

Other changes look like this:

  • The developers worked a lot in the background on the structure of the servers. Because of this, it is no longer possible to take the progress from 2019 with you and everyone has to start from scratch
  • The new-old version is already running on Steam, where you can now play it
  • For the time being, there will be no more content from the online shop, as it is completely switched off and the developer does not want you to spend your money

The forum post has not yet revealed any more details. There should be another post when the Classic servers actually go live. That should happen “soon”.

The community celebrates the developer

How is the community reacting? Although the game has been off for two years, Fallen Earth still enjoys a comparatively active community. Community is very happy about the announcement and about being able to play the game again.

However, some also see this as a signal that the originally announced version 2 will now delay further than many originally assumed. The general tone of the comments is rather positive.

What are the fans saying? They are happy and celebrate Matt Scott, the CEO of the development studio for the post in the forum.

Many of the forum comments are just different expressions of joy. So the community is very excited about the announcement. You can read tons of comments like “yay” or “omg”. So the mood is very positive.

Fallen Earth is a Fallout MMO

What is Fallen Earth about? Fallen Earth is an end time MMORPG with survival aspects. It is set in a post-apocalyptic version of the earth, in which the remaining survivors do everything to survive.

It is necessary that you collect items and can assert yourself in battles. Here Fallen Earth is more of an MMORPG than a survival game. The game is also appreciated by RPG lovers who love to be fully immersed in their characters.

You have the best cards to survive if you join one of the factions in Fallen Earth and work with other players to ensure that everyone in the group survives in the Badlands. After all, you’re stronger together.

What features can you expect? Fallen Earth is built around the following features:

  • 1st person and 3rd person perspective
  • PvE and PvP battles
  • Mounts and fights on these mounts
  • Crafting
  • A stealth system that also pays attention to noises
  • A classless character system
  • Character development and customization options, both visually and gameplay relevant.

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