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Dead by Daylight: The hatch is massively nerfed

Dead by Daylight changes a lot about the game. Heralds of death and plague are being revised – and the floor hatch is extremely nerfed.

The developers of Dead by Daylight talk at length about the future of the asymmetrical horror game. In fact, they get quite specific and address some of the biggest problems. After revisions for the trapper and the ghost were announced a few days ago, two more adjustments will follow: Deathslinger and Plague.

In addition, the hated floor hatch is being reworked and takes a lot of pressure off the killers.

The plague becomes even more corrosive. The plague has been given a few improvements, the main one to ensure that it is more fun. With this in mind, the developers are planning the following changes:

  • Survivors who interact with infected objects (generators, pallets, etc.) get sick faster.
  • The infection duration of objects has been increased from 35 seconds to 40 seconds.
  • As the plague recovers from spitting, its movement speed is 3.6 m / s instead of 2.3 m / s.
  • Survivors who heal themselves at the well will soon need 8 seconds instead of the previous 6 seconds.

In addition, many addons of the plague have been adjusted. With an add-on, she can now ensure that her spitting no longer infects survivors, but that infected objects remain infected for a full 40 seconds longer (i.e. 80 seconds).

Deathslinger is nerfed a little

The Deathslinger also gets a few changes to make it feel fairer to play against. So far, survivors have hardly had a chance of reasonable resistance and can often only make wrong decisions, since the messenger of death can quickly switch between targets for ranged and melee attacks. This leads to the following changes:

  • The Deathslinger cannot shoot until it is fully in “Aim” mode.
  • The delay after the aiming is canceled is increased before the Deathslinger can make a melee attack.
  • The Deathslinger movement speed is no longer reduced as much while aiming.
  • The Deathslinger’s terror radius is increased to 32 meters.

The end of the floor hatch as we know it

The hatch has been a controversial system in the game for ages. Actually, it should only be a way of escape for the last survivor. But over the years it has evolved from being a possibility to being a guarantee for survivors. The floor hatch was always an alternative, especially after major blood point events in which the survivors collected numerous keys.

If a survivor died, the rest of the team escaped through the hatch, although not all of the generators were repaired. That will change drastically in the future.

In an upcoming update, the developers want to make the following changes:

  • The Hatch will no longer spawn if there is more than one survivor in the game.
  • After the hatch has been closed by the killer, it can be opened with a key – but that takes a few seconds. The progress of the opening does not reset.
  • The achievement “Where did they go?” Is changed so that all you have to do is escape through the hatch with the key.

These changes eliminate several problems. For one thing, the hatch is no longer a “Free Escape”, although not all generators have been repaired yet.

Second, there will be no more cases where one survivor waits at the hatch while the other survivor dies on the hook. The hatch does not appear until the last survivor is really alone.

In summary, on the one hand, this should offer more opportunities for the killers to prevent the Hatch and give survivors more incentives to really be cooperative until the last moment.

However, there is not yet an exact date when these changes will come.

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