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Dead by Daylight: New perk makes survivors immortal

Mikaela Reid will change Dead by Daylight. On the test server it is invincible – because it makes survivors immortal.

Immediately after the developers of Dead by Daylight had announced the new survivor Mikaela Reid, the test server went online. There the new perks and abilities of Mikaela could be tried out directly. It only took a few minutes before the first players realized: something is really wrong. Because survivors can heal faster than a killer can wound them. This is due to the new perk “Boon: Healing Circle”.

What does the perk do? With the perk “Boon: Healing Circle” Mikaela can equip a totem with a blessing. The blessing ensures that all survivors within a radius of 28 meters are affected by a buff. This takes care of 2 things:

  • Survivors can heal themselves if wounded without using a medi-kit.
  • Survivors get a 100% healing speed bonus for healing another Survivor.

What is the problem? The problem arises when two survivors heal a third survivor. The healing is then completed faster than the cooldown animation after the hit of a killer. In plain English this means: the killer wounds a survivor and if two comrades heal this wounded man on the spot, he is already healed before the killer can strike the next blow. In other words: as long as the survivors are together in the healing circle of the totem, they cannot be brought down.

In the corresponding video, the killer even uses “Sloppy Butcher”, which increases the healing time a little. Still, the killer doesn’t manage to hit fast enough to bring down a survivor.

The actual reason is, however, that two areas of the boon totems overlap at the point in the video and the bonuses add up. This makes healing possible in under 3 seconds.

Community reacts amused and angry: The reactions in the community are amused on the one hand, but quite negative on the other. You wonder how the developers thought such a perk was a good idea in the first place.

There seems to be no question that Mikaela Reid and her perks will have to put in some nerfs and adjustments before their presumed release in mid-October so that the witch can come into play without any problems. Otherwise, very, very dark times are likely to break out for killers.

What do you think of the perk? Are you upset with the developers too? Or is that okay because test servers are there for exactly that?

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