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Dead by Daylight: New killer “Pinhead” is here

The new killer “Pinhead” in Dead by Daylight is live. However, the update also brought a number of problems – as we know it.

The newest killer in Dead by Daylight is now live. Pinhead joins the killers and now sends out his chains to torture and kill survivors. But there are some problems with the launch of the new killer that overshadow the “Hellraiser” chapter a bit.

What can the new killer do? The Cenobite has the ability to teleport its sight a few meters into the distance and then fire chains at survivors from there. If the chain hits, the survivor is slowed down and two more chains appear shortly afterwards, hindering the survivor even more. He can tear himself away, but that takes a little time.

The Cenobite, which comes from the Hellraiser universe and is actually only called Pinhead by everyone, has quite complex abilities.

As a second skill, he passively creates a box in the map (the “Lament Configuration” from the films). This box must be found by the survivors, otherwise after a while they will be permanently haunted by chains. Survivors can activate the box and solve the puzzle so that the chains will briefly stop chasing them. The killer gets a warning when the box is activated and can teleport to the survivor.

If the killer finds the box in front of the survivors, he can pick it up and use it himself, which reveals the position of all survivors and attacks them with chains.

These are the perks of the Cenobite Pinhead

Like all killers, The Cenobite comes with three unique perks. The perks are initially available exclusively for Pinhead, but can later be unlocked for other killers via the blood network. His perks are:

  • Deadlock: After a generator has been fully repaired, the entity blocks the generator with the most progress for 20/25/30 seconds. During this time, the killer sees the aura of the generator.
  • Curse: Toys (Hex: Plaything): The first time the killer hangs a survivor, the survivor is cursed and this perk turns a lackluster totem into an active totem. The survivor suffers from the “clueless” condition until the totem is purified.
  • The aura of the totem is displayed to the cursed survivor within a radius of 24/20/16 meters and for the first 90 seconds after the cursed only the affected survivor can purify the totem.
  • Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain: At the beginning of the match, 4 random hooks are transformed into “Scourge Hooks”. If a survivor is rescued from such a hook, they will suffer from the “mangled” and “hemorrhage” effects until they are completely healed. If he is healed, he then suffers a 7% / 8% / 9% penalty on his healing and repair speed until he is injured again.

Is there a survivor? No. The “Hellraiser” chapter comes without a survivor and only contains the killer pinhead.

What else is in the update? Aside from the new killer, there’s also an upgrade to the Nemesis that’s been buffed a bit. But the new “SBMM”, the “skill-based matchmaking”, is also special. You will now be assigned opponents who are based on your skills and no longer on the game’s ranking system. The ranks have also disappeared and have been replaced by “grades”, which bring you bonus blood points once a month.

What kind of problems are there? Unfortunately, the launch of the chapter caused a number of problems.

In the first few hours after the start, all players could disconnect if they played as pinhead or had to compete against him.

In addition, Pinhead’s voice lines that he still had on the PTR have been removed. It is not yet entirely clear whether this will be reversed.

A particular bug concerns the killer “The Nightmare”, or Freddy Krueger. He can currently be stunned with his dream palettes, which should actually burst uselessly right away. In doing so, he is helping the survivors instead of confusing them. The biggest bugs will be fixed in the next few days. Until then, there may still be some strange encounters in the game – so be careful if you plan to spend a lot of time with the new chapter now.

Have you already tried the Cenobite? What do you think of Pinhead as a killer?

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