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Dead by Daylight is finally getting real matchmaking

Dead by Daylight turns its matchmaking upside down and ensures that all players are better off – at least that’s the theory.

Matchmaking is a major criticism in Dead by Daylight. No matter at what point in the past 5 years – complaints about it can be found in the subreddit again and again. Now Dead by Daylight tackles exactly this problem and rewards frequent gamers with lots of blood points. We’ll reveal what’s changing.

What has been the problem so far? Dead by Daylight hasn’t had good match-making so far. So far, the only indicator of this has been the rank of the player. However, this only partially reflects the skill of a player and is more an indication of how much time you spend in the game. Because basically every player reaches the upper ranks sooner or later if you only play enough matches.

Still, for many players it felt like they were playing with or against “the very best” survivors or killers when someone held a red rank – even if that hardly says anything about their skill.

What will be changed? As tested several times before, Dead by Daylight will introduce skill-based matchmaking with the next patch. Then the rank no longer decides against whom you play, but a certain value, which – as in many other games – represents your skills and changes through wins and defeats.

Particularly interesting: you have their own matchmaking value for each killer. So if you are an absolute killer god with the trapper, for example, then you will also be served strong survivors there. However, if you make your first steps with the nurse and do not get along so well, you will also be assigned weaker opponents.

Does the system really bring anything? At least that’s what the developers claim and have published a few figures. They compared the latest tests with skill-based matchmaking with the games from rank-based matchmaking and came to the following conclusions:

During the main season 99% of the matches were considered to be “appropriately balanced”, the chances of escaping (as a survivor) or killing (as a killer) were +/- 25% of the average. Better still, 75% of the games were even within a range of +/- 5% of the average. In the old system, 99% of the games had a deviation of 45% and 75% of the games still had a deviation of 25%.

What else do ranks bring? Ranks will be replaced by the new “grades” system. This works in a very similar way to before, so that you can receive pips and thus go up or down. However, the grades then no longer have any effect on matchmaking.

But there is another benefit: With the monthly rank reset (which becomes a grade reset), all players are reset to the lowest grade (ash). At the same time, each player is credited with blood points, depending on the level they earned in the previous season. For the best rank there should be a whopping 250,000 blood points and then correspondingly fewer if you do not rise that far.

What do you think of these changes? Are these good news for Dead by Daylight? Or do you only think that the new ranking system will work when you have actually seen it?

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