Dead by Daylight is available for free for a limited time

Dead by Daylight is available for free for a limited time

You can get Dead by Daylight for free. We’ll tell you where you can get the horror game without paying a tired cent.

The asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight is one of the bigger gaming surprises in recent years. From an insider tip, the game has slowly but surely blossomed into a real hit and can now be found regularly in the top 20 of the Steam charts. Although the number of players fluctuates depending on the major patch releases, tens of thousands murder and survive day by day. In a few days you can get Dead by Daylight for free – at least on PC.

How does this work? To be able to tap Dead by Daylight for PC for free, you need the Epic Games Launcher. There have been free games every week for many months, but only for a short period of time. If you add the corresponding games to your library within this time frame, you can then keep the games permanently and play at will.

When is Dead by Daylight free? You can pick up Dead by Daylight for free from the Epic Games Store between December 2nd and December 9th. This includes the basic game, which would otherwise cost just under $23.

There are still plenty of DLCs with new killers and survivors for Dead by Daylight, but a large part of them can be earned in-game and thus unlocked. Only the licensed characters, for example from Halloween, SAW or Silent Hill, can only be acquired by purchasing the DLCs.

Who is the game worthwhile for? Dead by Daylight is generally worthwhile for solo players but also for everyone who likes to play in a coordinated group. Because killers and survivors differ so drastically in the way they play that they are basically two different game experiences. Since you can specifically register as a killer or survivor, you never have to play a role that you don’t feel like playing.

However, you have to have a certain tolerance for frustration for Dead by Daylight, because the horror game has a rather steep learning curve. Apart from that, “for free” is always a good argument to at least add the game to your own library – maybe you want to play it later, even if you are not interested now.

Are you going to get Dead by Daylight? Or can’t even the free version drag you into the horror realm of the Entity and you like games like Outriders or Division 2 more?

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