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Dead by Daylight: 3 characters are eliminated from the game

Thursday was a sad day for Dead by Daylight. The content around “Stranger Things” is no longer available as of today – it will be out of the game.

So far, the number of playable characters in Dead by Daylight has only grown since the release. There were new killers, new survivors, and tons of new maps that have made the game bigger and bigger over the past five years. Now, however, the time has come when that number started to decline for the first time.

A killer, two survivors and a map fly out of Dead by Daylight

What will be removed? As of November 18th, a lot of content from Dead by Daylight has disappeared or is no longer available. This is the content from the “Stranger Things” universe. The following are therefore no longer available:

  • Demogorgon (killer)
  • Nancy Wheeler (survivor)
  • Steve Harrington (survivor)

This also includes all cosmetic items.

In addition, the “Hawkins” card was deleted from the game. It can no longer be visited, the associated offerings were also removed and exchanged for blood points a few days ago.

What if you bought the content? Anyone who has bought the Demogorgon, Nancy or Steve and the associated cosmetics can keep them and use them. You can continue to play these survivors, who are just “skins” anyway. The Demogorgon, on the other hand, is a unique killer and will no longer be available to new players in the future. Only former buyers can use it, which is why it is sure to become a certain rarity.

So in a few months or years, those who have unlocked these characters on their account can brag about owning something that new players can no longer get.

What about the characters’ perks? Since Steve, Nancy and the Demogorgon had unique perks that are sometimes quite strong, the developers of Dead by Daylight renamed them and made them “standard perks” that can appear with all killers and survivors. So you don’t have any disadvantages in the game if you haven’t bought the “Stranger Things” characters.

Why is the content disappearing? This is probably due to the fact that Netflix did not renew the license agreement with Behavior. Exactly why this is the case has not been revealed, but there is a range of speculation. For a few months now, Netflix has been trying to gain a foothold in the gaming market with its own productions. So it only seems logical that you want to use your own strong IPs – like Stranger Things – above all yourself.

It is questionable whether the license will be granted again in the future. So one can assume for a start that Nancy, Steve and the Demogorgon are now “never again” available.

Are you the proud owner of these characters and can you show off with them forever? Or did you miss the purchase? If such news upset you, you can try playing other games, such as Destiny 2 or Outriders.

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