Dauntless server got fresh update


Multiplayer Dauntless Action acquired fresh update this week. The game got new monster, pass, island and much more.

Now users will have to come face to face with Chronovor. This beast peregrinates through time and different dimensions. Its homeplace is a new Antinomy Fault island. You’ll have to collect chrono stones in order to overcome it. You can find them in the Origins and Ancient Monstrosities.

Passing free eventfull pass and winning the beast you get the special ultra armory set. Don’t forget you have to complete “Incredible Island” before.

The technique characteristic “Pulsation” was added to the game. It causes the critical loss to the every tenth strike. Leveling up you make the strength of the impact increase.

Speaking about other novelties, we must say about the award cache refilling, fabulous weapon craft, some new storyline tasks for consoles and much more.

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