Dauntless - content update Heroes of Ostia

Dauntless – content update Heroes of Ostia

Along with another major content update for the action RPG Dauntless, Phoenix Labs has provided users with additional gameplay opportunities, as well as several new activities.

Update 1.7.0 is dubbed Heroes of Ostia and brings heroic ascents to the defenders of the Broken Isles, allowing them to fight a legendary monster once a week. In addition, the task “Shocking Events” became available to the Pathfinders, the purpose of which is to help Dr. Priyani with her research.

Another important feature of the patch is omnigens, special crafted items that have passive and active effects. Thanks to this type of equipment, players can now even more accurately adapt their characters to a specific style of gameplay.

And in addition to this, the Wild Thunderstorm Hunting Pass has been added, including, for example, the outfit of the Ostian Wildlands Ranger.

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