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Dark old school MMORPG Broken Ranks starts beta

The new old school MMORPG Broken Ranks comes from Poland and is about to start the next beta. The second Open Beta is planned for September. Especially fans of tactical battles and an extensive story should keep an eye on the MMORPG.

What kind of game is this? In the MMORPG Broken Ranks you slip into the role of a refugee. Your empire, Taern, has been overrun and ravaged by the hordes of Utoria. Countless residents were murdered or enslaved, only you and a few others were able to escape and are now homeless.

As the story progresses, you will learn more about the background story of your character and the NPCs from the game. You fight as freedom fighters against the invaders of Utoria and have to unite the shattered empire behind you in order to rebuild it together.

The Polish developers want to convince their future players primarily with the combat system and the story. In a first beta of Broken Ranks you could already take a closer look at the game. The second open beta is expected to follow in September.

Tactical battles are a specialty among MMORPGs

How are the fights going? The battles do not take place on the main map, but instead in a separate battle screen, as known from classic Japanese RPGs.

You walk around the world map in real time, but when it comes to combat, the game switches to a special combat mode. This is reminiscent of games like Temtem, where you also switch to a fight mode.

The battles are turn-based and you fight either alone, with AI companions or with other human players. In a round you have ten seconds to plan your actions. You can choose from abilities or counter enemy attacks.

What else does the game offer? In addition to the tactical battles, the game also wants to offer a lot of exciting tasks with decision-making options.

The game itself is based more on old school games in terms of structure and after the first experiences from the first beta. You are either alone or in a group and explore cities and ruins from an isometric perspective and fight opponents. There should also be PvP in the future.

Where can I download the game? You can download and register directly on the official website. The second beta, like the first beta, is to take place on the Windows PC, and there will also be an Android and Mac version in the future.

If you already have an account for Pride of Taern (another game from the developers), you can also use it for Broken Ranks. A Steam release is not yet planned. The first open beta was in English.

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