Dark fantasy mobile open-world PvP MMO is launched.

So, dark fantasy mobile open-world PvP MMO from Netmarble is officially launched worldwide in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If not much in short, the game features five game classes, as well as a vast open PvPvE world with multiple biomes and unique world bosses, as well as several competitive PvP battle modes, including a smoothly integrated 30 vs 30 battle Royale and a large-scale 100 vs 100 open field battle with unlimited PC.

Still a little more about the game:

“A3: STILL ALIVE is an inter-genre mobile experience that connects huge and lively open-world RPG worlds with extreme Battle Royale combat. Set in an apocalyptic fantasy world of swords and magic, players must be vigilant in the Ever-open confrontation of players. Player (PvP) environments as they fight enemies with intense hack and Slash combat in search of powerful equipment.A3: STILL ALIVE continues Netmarble’s tradition of producing high-quality and vibrant mobile MMORPGs filled with stunning graphics and basic gameplay that set the trend for future mobile games, ” said Netmarble Executive producer Jung sun Chang in a launch press release. “Working on a game with a darker and darker theme and the team’s expertise in creating extremely fun MMORPG gameplay has certainly been an amazing experience.”

To celebrate the launch of the game in some way, Netmarble will be giving out a pre-registration reward package to all new players, as well as hosting several in-game events, also including a daily login event and rewards for completing certain starter guide missions, reaching certain levels, and using premium currency. Players who make their first in-app purchase will also receive a 3-day special ancient weapon.


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