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Dark Descent is already available in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

So, update 6.3 for Star Wars: The Old Republic, called The Dark Descent, is already available in the game itself. This update will bring us the first of the galactic seasons, which is basically a battle pass and brings daily and weekly challenges to complete for rewards.

Notes for this patch were released yesterday and players will be able to read a bit of it here:

As mentioned, the most important thing in the update is the Galactic seasons. What does this mean? This means a battle pass that contains a subscription level and a free level. Each season will include 100 levels of rewards, as usual for any battle pass.

Players will be able to complete this campaign only by completing daily as well as weekly tasks. And also players will be able to find all these goals with the help of special.the icon. Each reward level requires the same number of season points to progress and unlock. This means that going from level 1 to level 2 requires the same points as going from level 99 to 100.

Naturally, there will be rewards. Several free tier and subscription tier rewards are available for this purpose. For example, free rewards include:

  • Seasonal set of Armor.
  • A box of Silver Cartel weapons.
  • Contains 1 silver-quality Cartel Market weapon from the previous weapon set. Cartel Market, currently unavailable for direct purchase.
  • box of Cartel silver armor.
  • Galactic Season tokens.
  • Seasonal decorations.
  • Seasonal name.

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