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Crystal Dynamics released a patch for marvel’s Avengers.

Just yesterday, Crystal Dynamics released a patch for marvel’s Avengers with quality of life features, increased rewards, and a bunch of bug fixes. Also, in addition to all this, new content is being released in the form of Tachyon rifts and a new Outpost, which is known as the zero Outpost of the shield substation.

In an effort to be more explicit with information and slowly introduce new content to bring back players who wrote off the game due to bugs and repetitive and boring end-game content, Crystal Dynamics released Tachyon Rift missions that target specifically characters who have reached 140 and above. The mission of the Tachyon will rotate to different mission every day, but players will be able to access it only once a day.

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This new Outpost will provide us with new characters, as well as some new narrative content. If they fall into the same category as the other two outposts, ant hill and Chimera, players may even have an opportunity for new suppliers.

Patch 1.3.3 was released yesterday, was an extremely needed patch that gave a lot of quality life features and fixes that players were looking forward to. Despite the many fixes implemented in 1.3.3, there are still many unresolved issues, such as the remaining skill points of some characters, enemies still disappearing or being pushed out of the mission, and some abilities and perks that don’t activate properly. Below is a short list of notable additions and fixes to the game:

  • Remote faction terminals are now available in outposts. These devices allow you to collect faction tasks and rewards for the villains sector without having to personally visit each faction coordinator.
  • Refactoring the Fisticuffs & Torpedo modifiers to only buff the player, not the enemies.
  • Implemented a fix that retroactively grants the iconic Iron man outfit to players who previously lost it due to a bug..
  • Improved Mega Hive Rewards. Now they are guaranteed to give you two exclusive exotic items of equipment and an increased number of upgrade modules upon completion.

Players will no longer receive power level 1 equipment from elite hives and do the Outriders boost instead of that.
Marvel’s Avengers has had its share of UPS and downs over the course of a few short months of launch. Despite a fantastic first impression in the review, the game did not live up to the hype as a game as a service. Patch 1.3.3 definitely seems like a step in the right direction.

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