Crystal Dynamics gives the release date of their first new character.

Actually, marvel’s Avengers had a tumultuous post-launch, but in the latest War table, Crystal Dynamics gives the release date of their first new character, Kate Bishop.. The girl who is armed with a bow is dressed in purple. This Hawkeye woman will have a story of her own, which will be able to start a new Chapter of season 1.

As sad as it may be, marvel’s Avengers has seen a significant reduction in the number of active players recently, despite attempts to increase communication with the remaining player base. Hopefully, the Kate Bishop storyline will bring players back.

The first post-release arc is called “Operation aiming” and will focus on Kate as she tries to find and retrieve Hawkeye. Also reveal the plot of the target and a new very dangerous superadaptoid Warg. The team points to the Superadaptoid fight as the only MNG meeting.

Also, the team describes in the war table the next character after the one given to us-Kate. Which is the original Hawkeye, Clint Barton, in the release title Operation Future Imperfect. No specific details were given about the release of Operation Future Imperfect, other than that it will be available sometime in early 2021. In a short trailer for Hawkeyes content, the Maestro is seen talking to Hawkeye, indicating the possibility of a very apocalyptic focused storyline.

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