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Crusader Kings 3: First expansion will not appear until 2022

Paradox Interactive announced in a forum post that Royal Court, the first major expansion to Crusader Kings 3, won’t be released until 2022.

The first major expansion to Crusader Kings 3 was announced back in May of this year. Although there was no official release date, pre-orders were possible after a short time. For this reason, those who were looking forward to an early release were unfortunately disappointed. Paradox Interactive announced in their forums that Royal Court will not appear until 2022.

Paradox Interactive has had a few complaints from its staff lately, and the studio’s latest releases have not been received positively by gamers either. The Leviathan DLC for Europa Universalis IV was so bad that the Paradox director apologized for the poor quality. Additionally, Empire of Sin didn’t seem to appeal to most players.

Royal Court postponed to 2022

Due to poor publications and employee complaints, Paradox Interactive also dropped numerous unannounced projects to focus on their proven niche. The Royal Court DLC for Crusader Kings 3 naturally also belongs to this niche, and the developers probably want to take enough time so that the new expansion does not join the series of Associated with failures, as they write in a post:

“There are some bugs that we really need to iron out, and we need more time to make sure the expansion is up to the standards that you expect.”

Among other things, Royal Court will add a 3D throne room to the game, in which you can hold meetings with your vassals. The culture system will also be expanded a little and various language barriers will now play an important role. You can find more information about Royal Court in the official FAQ for the expansion.

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