Crucible back in closed beta version.

On June 30, the Crucible team took a rather unexpected step towards achieving the goal. Crucible will go back to the closed beta stage. On the site, the message from the developers is quite clear about the developments that will be added in the future. With plans to create a player Council, stream developers more often with the community, and focus on the discord in the game, the team hopes to move Crucible forward only when the community and metrics say the game should move forward.

Unfortunately, Amazon Games is experiencing difficulties with the launch of Crucible. With lacklustre gameplay, no chat support, and a few modes that in my experience just weren’t fun, the team behind the game has already started making a road map for the future. The roadmap included removing several game modes , focusing on the heart of the Hives mode, and implementing chat along with other game improvements.

If you play the game, not much will actually change. Battle Pass will still be supported, you will still save your progress, and you can still access the game via Steam without any new downloads. You can still stream, make videos, and create content if you want, and the game will still be available 24/7.

However, if you are not in the game and are even remotely interested in Crucible, get the game tonight. Starting on July 1 at noon Eastern time, you will no longer be able to get there. You will have to register and get the key at some point…You know…as a beta version.


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