Crowfall will share what they have planned for the next day for the MMO.

So, the Crowfall team will share what they have planned for the next day for the MMO. Here are the details you need to know, including when and where you’ll need to tune in.

The team shared this happy news yesterday on their Twitter page.

But what this information is, you and I will only need to guess. However, we have a roadmap that was published earlier, so perhaps it is not as vague as it seems at first glance. The game most recently got HungerDome in the recent Crowfall Carnage update. In this update, 12 teams of five players each battle for glory.

These fights should last 30 minutes and follow the most ordinary “last man standing ” scheme. This update also brought matchmaking for the forced teams and your regular gathering groups. The update included several quality of life improvements in addition to some new features.

“The Carnage update is another significant step forward on our path to launch. By adding short session team qualifiers to our already strong lineup of time-limited and perpetual campaigns, Crowfall now covers the full range of PvP battles for players-from a few hours to a few months to many years.”

J. Todd Coleman, Co-founder and Creative Director of Crowfall

But as for today’s stream, it is only a few short hours away. Stay tuned as the team reveals the future of Crowfall.

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