Crowfall Pushes New Version to Test Server Containing Performance Improvements

Crowfall Pushes New Version to Test Server Containing Performance Improvements.

Now is available a new version of Crowfall for Test.

The team does note that there have been some performance improvements put in place. Framerates should be boosted in general. Grass has improved to look better. A new culling system has been implemented. While unity garbage collection is now under control.

However, there are some known issues. Some of them:

“In practice, the culling algorithm is making decisions for you about what you do/don’t want to see, and algorithms are notoriously prone to error. We’ve exposed settings for this in the preferences screen, so please try out different settings to cull things more / less aggressively and let us know if you can find the sweet spot.”

Note, this being a Test server, one should expect bugs. That is the point of a Test server after all. However, the team still felt it was worth putting out and decided to ask the community for feedback,

“In this case, we’ve gone several weeks since our last update, and that means hundreds of fixes waiting in the wings… and in the meantime, no way for players to harvest rare resources. It seemed like a good idea to get it out and let you guys test it over the long weekend, even at the risk of the overall experience not being 100% playable.”

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