Crowfall Hits Alpha Milestone

So Crowfall Hits Alpha Milestone

According to a recent post, Fantasy MMORPG Crowfall has hit a new milestone and officially begins Alpha. This brings it just one step closer to Beta. And eventually the official release.

Crowfall has been in development since 2015. While it nearly doubled its initial Kickstarter goal. Now, five years later, its development has reached the crucial status of going into Alpha. The exact words of creative director J Todd Coleman:

“We are excited that Crowfall has hit Alpha, and is on its way to Beta! The Alpha release marks the completion of our last major gameplay system, the Dregs (our guild vs. guild battle world).”

The Dregs was a highly-anticipated new feature to the War of the Gods update. It features guild-versus-guild sieges, innovative city-building, and the unique Divine Favor system which allows players to compete for different Gods’ favor. Crowfall recently took a look back at the different classes. It delved into racial disciplines as well, which look to be exciting features.

Mind that’s All Crowfall backers can participate in the Alpha.

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