Crossover event with BUGATTI started at Black Desert

Crossover event with BUGATTI started at Black Desert

Another update has been released in Black Desert, which also launched new events. The key one was the event in cooperation with the BUGGATI brand, the creators of the famous supercars.

The event brought a set of BUGATTI equipment to the premium store, as well as BUGATTI CHIRON I, II armor and BUGATTI earrings for men’s classes. Also, players during the collaboration period can find the horse Aduanit Dreams and get the Breath of Krogdallor in the amount of 1 piece.

“We are very pleased to announce our partnership with BUGATTI. At the heart of the Black Desert franchise and BUGATTI vehicles are passion and obsession with technology as well as quality. This patented engine makes Black Desert and BUGATTI special. The collaboration shows that both brands share the same goal of providing a better experience to their communities through cutting edge technology. ”- Jeonghee Jin, CEO of Pearl Abyss America.

In addition to events, the game has improved the central auction, made balance edits and much more.

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