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Cross-progression and next-gen patch will appear in Apex Legends only in 2022

When asked about the patch for PS5 and Xbox Series, players were answered by Respawn Director of Communications Ryan Rigney Q&A on Reddit.

According to Rigney, the nextgen patch for Apex Legends is in the works, but so far he cannot share the details – he just noted that the developers are also eager to release it.

At the same time, Rigney said that the cross-progression will appear only in 2022 – earlier the game director of Apex Legends Chad Grenier said that work on it had slowed down due to hacker attacks.

As Rigney explained, cross-progression is trickier than it might seem. The work on it includes not only solving technical problems, such as merging accounts, but also legal issues related to purchases on different platforms in countries with different laws.

Apex Legends, meanwhile, continues to break its records – for the April-June quarter in the ninth season, the game reached an average of 13 million players weekly, and also set a record for the peak number of players per day – the exact number was not disclosed.

Rebirth Season 10 kicked off on August 3, featuring the character Seer, the new Rampage LMG weapon, and the updated World’s edge map. However, this is the first season in a long time without comic-book content.

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