Crimson Desert: the release was postponed indefinitely

Crimson Desert: the release was postponed indefinitely

Pearl Abyss has postponed the release of the ambitious role-playing game Crimson Desert indefinitely. As the team explains in an open letter to the community, the team needs more time to complete and incorporate new ideas and features. A new date has not yet been set.

It was originally planned that the open-world role-playing game Crimson Desert should be released for PC this winter. But the fans will have to be patient a lot longer than previously thought. As the Pearl Abyss team revealed via Twitter, the release has been postponed – for an indefinite period of time.

Accordingly, the developers not only need more time to complete the game in general, but also to incorporate new ideas and features without specifying them.

“We are currently working hard on Crimson Desert, which is evolving very quickly with new adventures and exciting experiences. However, we decided to invest more time to come up with new ideas for an even deeper and more enticing game. For this reason, to To offer the best possible experience while ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved, we have decided to postpone the release of Crimson Desert. We will publish an updated schedule in the future “.

According to the statements, Pearl Abyss wants to use the additional time to incorporate new ideas and content. Some of these come from the ranks of the community and logically had to be evaluated and evaluated first. How far into the future the release of Crimson Desert will be postponed is not yet known. However, the open-world role-playing game is not expected to be released before 2022.

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