Crimson Desert presents its new engine

Crimson Desert presents its new engine

Crimson Desert is the next big project from Pearl Abyss, the developers of Black Desert. As part of G-Star 2021, a gaming fair in Korea, they showed the special features of their new engine. This should ensure the right incidence of light and realistic physics.

What kind of engine is that? With Black Desert, Pearl Abyss has created a graphically very successful MMORPG. For their new games they have used their own engine, which is supposed to offer “higher quality games for more players at the same time”.

This will be used in the new games Crimson Desert, DokeV and Plan 8. They will all offer multiplayer options and in Crimson Desert large PvP battles for fortresses are planned. The new engine should make them even better. The developers presented the engine at G-Star 2021 and also gave an interview to the Korean website Inven. The focus is on realistic physics and suitable lighting. The special features of the new engine were presented in the video. One of them is realistic physics when it comes to snow, wind or even leaves flying around.

At the beginning you see a character walking through snow and leaving prints there. Where it hits with the foot, the snow disappears completely, around it it is pressed a little flat. In addition, these marks do not disappear immediately if you move a little longer. It is similar later with the foliage. From second 30 wind and weather can be seen. The trees move differently depending on the wind strength and snow falls, which then remains on the formerly green meadow. At the end you see a cape blowing in the wind.

What about the lighting? As Pearl Abyss revealed in an interview, they use their own technique called “Raymarched Shadow”. This should work in a similar way to ray tracing and also pay attention to how the objects seen behave (e.g. whether they reflect light) and what other light sources there are that could cause further shadows.

Depending on the graphics settings, players should be able to experience many details, such as the cobblestone street in this picture. They have also developed a special “fluid” technique with which they can create realistic fog, sandstorms and similar effects.

3 new titles from Pearl Abyss are coming in the next few years

Which games are developed with the engine? Pearl Abyss is currently working on three games. The title that will appear first is Crimson Desert. It’s a mix of action adventure and MMORPG. You can probably experience the story campaign in single player or co-op, because you play fixed characters like MacDuff and members of his mercenary gang. However, single player and multiplayer should merge seamlessly. In the endgame, however, there should be missions for group players, dungeons and battles for fortresses in PvP.

DokeV is also being developed in the new engine. The open world game is a bit reminiscent of Pokémon and is intended to be aimed at the entire family.

The third title is Plan 8, a loot shooter that is somewhat reminiscent of Destiny 2 or Division 2. It is co-developed by the Counter-Strike inventor Minh Le, among others. It is set in a post-apocalyptic scenario and you will be able to run, fly and use excessive forces on walls with Exsuits. The shooter should appear for PC and next-gen consoles, but only in “a few years”.

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