Creepy side of Oculus VR Controllers: the hidden message

Oculus VR Controllers

With every new technology you see at the market, it’s hard to guess: what kind of weird way it will choose to compromise my privacy? Seems like developers of these novelties get concerned about that things too. On April 11th, Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell reported via Twitter that tens of thousands of Oculus Touch controllers have shipped with frightening hitting privacy Easter Egg notes concealed on their domestic hardware.

Rip up one of these controllers and in the device’s insides you will find a message like “The Masons were here” left on a cable. Some of devices seemingly shipped with “Big Brother Is Watching,” but how Mitchell affirms only developer kits have that joke inside of them.

Further Mitchell apologizes for these Easter Eggs leaks, calling them “inappropriate” and saying developers have changed the internal processes, so it won’t happen again.

As Business Insider reports, the affected Touch controllers had have to be shipped with the upcoming Rift S and Oculus Quest headsets, and are not yet available. They are not going to withdraw the controllers.

The messages are a bit of creep, awkward gallows humor from the Facebook-owned company, given how powerful—and delinquent—Facebook has been in the realm of online privacy. It’s a bit of real-world context that takes a very common practice (a lot of creative industries from automakers to, well, video games, including vast amount of easter eggs) and create some confusing layer. Well, maybe this is a nice joke, but it would be mo nicer, if the companies in charge took users privacy more seriously.

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