Core Keeper sandbox was announced

At the IGN Expo event, a new 2D game about building and mining resources, Core Keeper, was announced. We were shown the gameplay of the game with the construction of a base in an ancient cave and the use of materials obtained as a result of resource extraction.

Core Keeper is endowed with a procedurally generated cave network where players can face monsters and enemy creatures face to face. The latter are also part of the modeled ecosystem. By defeating them and collecting secrets, you can unlock new equipment and opportunities, such as growing crops, preparing new recipes, and creating items needed to further explore the world.

Also in the game there will be an opportunity to unite in groups of up to 8 people, which will make it possible to develop your base and farm even faster.

Core Keeper will be released as part of Steam Early Access in late 2021 and can be added to your Steam Wishlist right now.

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