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Content update for Black Desert Mobile.

So, the company Pearl Abyss has finally announced the release of another content update for its  Black Desert Mobile, thanks to which the heroes of the fantasy world have the opportunity to fight a new dangerous enemy. Black Desert Boost can be ordered in our store.

This formidable enemy turned out to be the Guardian of Kabuamiles, while you can find him in the “Hall of the Ancient Prophet”, which opened with the release of the patch in the expanses of the”Ancient Ruins”. However, to enter there, you will first need to complete a special task and at the same time get a special consumable resource – Confused time. And ancient light stones have become available to adventurers, which, in addition to the main parameters, have separate indicators of attack and defense.

In addition, such temporary activities as “The Plan for the conquest of Ancient ruins” and “The Hero of Karkeya ” were launched. The latter is a duel PvP mode and allows you to earn Black Pearls.

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