Conan Exiles Year 2 Season Pass & Treasures of Turan Pack are released

Treasures of Turan

According to Funcom Treasures of Turan DLC has been launched for Conan Exiles. It includes themed items like 15 armor pieces, 39 building pieces, 18 placeables, 9 weapons, 5 warpaints, and 2 new pet skins. Plus to the DLC, Funcom also mentioned that a new Year 2 Season Pass already can be purchased for $29.99. The Year 2 Season Pass contents the Treasures of Turan DLC and will contain three more of them coming in 2019.

The Season Pass includings:

  • Treasures of Turan Pack (out now)
  • Blood and Sand Pack
  • Riders of Hyboria Pack
  • Mysteries of Acheron Pack

Dozens of new and exclusive content and visuals wait for us in these DLC. Be ready to enjoy special building pieces, weapons, armors, placeables and even more.

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