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Companions will be one of the main features of the online chapter of Elder Scrolls.

Well, it’s been revealed that companions will be one of the main features included in this year’s Elder Scrolls online chapter update. Together with Blackwood, the companions are a way to introduce NPCs to the leveling process with the player, while still sticking to the core of what made the Elder Scrolls series so popular over the years: its storytelling. The team is getting deeper into the mechanics that players should expect when they first turn to their companion. There are two companions at the start, Mirri Elendis and Bastain Hallix, who the team has talked about at legnth in the past. To even get on the radar of your desired companion, you will need to finish their search for a companion. These quests will then unlock a companion in your collections menu.

But calling your companion will be very easy, like calling your traveling banker, just select a companion from the menu and they will appear. From there, you’ll be able to travel the world with your companion next to you – with some caveats. Dungeons, instances, challenges, and group zones will make your companion desperate – especially in cases with a limited population – as players spawn around you. Other cases, such as single-player arenas, housing cases, and more, will limit the ability to challenge your companion. Server performance can also dictate the availability of a companion, according to ZeniMax.

Also, players can buy ESO Gold and guide their companion in battle using the pet menu, and the companions themselves will always have some sort of skill line that they will use. The companions also have their own ultimate attack that will be used when it is ready. However, you can also use ultimate whenever you deem it necessary, if that’s a good thing.Companions also have development paths to work on, both leveling up and building your personal relationship with your assistant. Pumping is performed directly in battle. Fight with your companion, and they will match you. It’s really that simple.

“The companions will use their ultimate when it is available and the conditions are met by default. Conversely, you can ask them to wait until they are directed to use it. Setting up Companion Ultimate Auto Cast in the Gameplay section of the Settings menu allows you to set up a Companion to wait until you direct it. You can do this by clicking on the new ultimate icon that is present next to your keyboard shortcut bar when the companion is active on the keyboard, or by pressing L3+R3 without entering the bumper on the controller.”

There are many things to unpack with the companions themselves, from equipment to their own quests, once you reach certain levels of rapport. Companions will start playing the game as soon as Blackwood goes live on June 1 for PC and stadiums, while console players will wait until June 8.

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