Come and enjoy the Regalia – a new reward in Final Fantasy XIV’s latest crossover event

Final Fantasy XIV the regalia

A Nocturne for Heroes, the latest Final Fantasy XIV collaboration event is ready to go live today. The main hero of Final Fantasy XV’s known as Noctis will be heading to the world of Eorzea, and your aim as a player to help him defeating dozens of bad guys, including the FFXV version of the primal Garuda. But this is not a main thing; Square Enix has told about one of the striking rewards players can get, participating in the event: a brand-new car!

Yes, you heard it right. In addition to other FFXV-themed goods, such as Noctis’s garment and his startling hairstyle, players will be able to drive the first-ever four-person mount, Noctis’s slick (not good for an environment) convertible, the Regalia. The dev blog posted the stylish car, including features, such as the ability for passengers to make some unique poses while they take their ride across the Eorzean countryside.

It also reveals the Regalia’s multilateral nature: it can shift the form to dive into the ocean or fly to the skies. The interior is waterproof, as developers say, so, we hope, the passengers.

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