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CoD Warzone: Players wait a year for the iconic operator, but he is totally disappointing

In CoD Warzone, a coveted operator has finally appeared, for which players have been waiting for a year. It is “Soap” MacTavish from the original Modern Warfare games. But the fans are not satisfied with the appearance of the operator.

What kind of operator is that? The new operator in CoD Warzone is John “Soap” MacTavish. That was the protagonist in the first Modern Warfare from 2007 and he reappeared in Modern Warfare 2 and 3 before it came to a dramatic end in MW3.

The character, who is snapped at with his nickname in the tutorial by the epic beard bearer Captain Price, is still one of the most popular protagonists of the series for many CoD fans and they waited a good year for Soap to finally appear in the Warzone as an operator may.

That has finally happened and you can now get the operator in the warzone. But the reactions of the fans are anything but positive. Players make fun of “new” soap.

What doesn’t suit the fans? When players saw soap in the game, many could hardly believe their eyes because the character looked very different from what they remembered. In the earlier games, Soap was a grim, gruff elite soldier with a distinctive mohawk haircut and a scarred face.

The new soap in Warzone looks less beefy, has no scar and actually looks like it has been properly rubbed and scrubbed with soap. Mocking memes and sayings were not long in coming and a reddit user immediately posted a particularly snappy photo montage online.

This is what the comments say: The thread with the picture on reddit now has over 8.2K upvotes and 358 comments full of ridicule (as of August 5, 2021). Many fans make fun of soaps nicknames and make slogans like “this is not soap,” but deodorant, shampoo or disinfectant.

Other comments complained that the Warzone soap looked like a footballer and not an elite soldier or that his eyebrows were downright jungle. Still other users complain that he looks too young.

Even in the first Modern Warfare, Soap would have joined the elite SAS unit as a sergeant and had already served 12 years in the British Army. The new soap, according to user BrockManstrong (via reddit), is “a 17-year-old who has just walked from an airsoft area into the recruiting office”.

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