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CoD Warzone gets 2 classic horror skins for Halloween

For Halloween there will be new horror skins for CoD Warzone and Cold War. This time they are apparently the horror characters from the films Scream and Donny Darko: So Ghost Face and the creepy bunny Frank. Not only do they look sinister, they also brutally murder their victims. A leak will tell you what the carnage will likely look like in the game.

What kind of skins are these? CoD Warzone already offered scary skins for Halloween last year and there will be some again in 2021. But this time there are other horror characters from other horror films at the start.

The first scary guy is the iconic killer Ghost Face from the Scream series. He’s a guy in a black hooded cloak who hides his face behind a creepy ghost mask. The other skin comes from the film Donny Darko and shows Frank, the protagonist’s imaginary (?) Friend. He’s a huge, scary bunny. It has long been known that these two characters will come. But thanks to a leak, we now also know what her finishing moves look like.

You’ve probably never been killed so brutally in the Warzone

What do the finishers look like? According to an article on CharlieIntel, the execution animations of the horror skins have already been published. They correspond in detail to the approach of their role models in the films.

So Ghost Face uses his knife, with which he pierces a poor soldier with a lot of force. With Frank, on the other hand, things get a little more absurd, because the murderous rabbit apparently drops an aircraft turbine on his victim out of nowhere. Anyone who knows the film knows what this scene alludes to.

Two more brutal moves can be seen in the leak, but they seem to belong to other skins. You can see the leaks about the finishers at this link.

When are the new skins and finishers coming? The new Halloween event will go online on October 19, 2021. On November 2nd it will be over again. Maybe there will be special features again, like the map at night or exploding scarecrows.

How do you like the finishers and the scary skins? Cool and scary or don’t you think those silly scary skins fit into the Warzone?

By the way, there are already the first skins from the new Battlepass of Season 6 that go really well with Halloween because they come across as quite dark. But not all Call of Duty Warzone players celebrate the three new bear skins.

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