CoD Warzone finally reveals the start date of season 5 and shows first trailer

Season 5 will start shortly for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and CoD Warzone. Now it has been officially revealed when exactly. In addition, there was already the cinematic trailer for the new season to get in the mood.

What is currently going on at CoD? With CoD Cold War and the Battle Royale Warzone, the fifth season is just around the corner. But when exactly it starts – there was no official information. Until now. Because recently the Call of Duty Twitter account finally revealed a tangible date.

When does season 5 start? The Season 5 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone starts on August 12th. Depending on the exact start time in the USA, the new season could not start until the early morning of August 13th.

But there is already a first look at the new operator of the season and a new weapon in action. According to a leak, the name of the new female operator will be Kitsune and the new weapon will be the MP Tec-9. There has not yet been any official information on this.

What do you already know about Season 5? The new season has not yet been properly presented, but this should take place in the next few days, as Season 5 starts on August 12th.

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