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CoD Vanguard shows 7 big changes to the beta

It has been a few weeks since the Call of Duty: Vanguard beta in September. Shortly before the official release, developer Sledgehammer Games has now listed many changes.

The open beta split the community between enthusiastic and disappointed. But even the biggest proponents have heavily criticized 3 things in particular: visibility, spawns, and audio.

These problems should be fixed by release, as well as many others. On the blog from the Vanguard developers, players can now find an extensive list of changes.

The Perk Ninja returns

This popular perk, which allows you to sprint quieter, has been added to Vanguard. Inconspicuous has disappeared for it. With the perk, players didn’t lose speed when shot in the beta. Instead, the Perk Dauntless is expanded to include the functions of inconspicuous.

Blinding news

That was changed in the sun: The lens flare effect was reduced on all maps. In the beta, the sun was so bright that players were blinded and enemies could no longer see. That shouldn’t be a problem now. As Sledgehammer Games says on the blog: “We nerfed the sun.”

Less obscuring and distorting elements: In the beta, players complained that their view was difficult when shooting. Too much smoke from the muzzle and strongly distorting heat effects frustrated players. These problems should no longer occur at release.

The developers have also removed the raindrop effects on the screen and improved the maps’ sight lines. HUD elements, such as names, should also no longer be visible at unwanted times.

Sneaking becomes easier

Quieter players: One of the most important changes since the beta is the volume of the steps. While crouching and aiming over the rear sight, players now walk completely silently. The return of the ninja perk to the release also helps aggressive players go undetected.

The general sound mixing has also been improved and minor audio bugs fixed.

Movement is more aggressive

Faster players: Many changes also ensure that players can move faster on the maps:

  • Grenades are thrown faster.
  • Throwing grenades no longer slows the player down
  • Players lose less speed when shot.
  • Weapons can be changed faster.
  • After sprinting, you can shoot again faster.

Spawns are less messy. The developers speak of general improvements for spawns. This applies in particular to the patrol game mode. These adjustments were already made in the beta.

Melee weapons are adjusted

Changed melee weapons: In the changes to the weapons listed, the melee weapons in particular were hit. This has both positive and negative effects on these weapons:

  • Shotguns have become deadlier.
  • The range of submachine guns, shotguns, and pistols has been reduced.
  • The precision when firing from the hip has been adjusted for many weapons.

Adjustments: The developers don’t give many details here. The muzzle attachments, magazines and stocks are said to have fewer disadvantages, while ammunition types have more.

Less frustration with killstreaks and field equipment

There is also a list of changes for these game elements:

  • Spy planes and anti-espionage planes belonging to your own team are no longer visible in the sky; Enemies are easier to hit and quicker to destroy.
  • The minigun, which can be unlocked via Killstreaks, and the grenade launcher have swapped their costs.
  • The glide bomb is easier to control.
  • The interferer and the directional microphone now have a timer after which they are automatically destroyed.
  • The dog killstreak no longer has graphical glitches.

What are the consequences of the changes? Apart from the annoying glitches, which are no longer there, the tendency is clear with these pre-release patch notes: Vanguard wants to make aggressive gameplay easier and promote a run and gun ’style of play. The faster and quieter soldiers, together with the ninja perk, ensure a significantly faster game experience.

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