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CoD Vanguard has almost perfect maps, but a killstreak ruins everything

Call of Duty: Vanguard grants successful players with killstreaks special bonuses and effects to farm even more kills. Some of the streaks are simply unfair, poorly designed or just plain annoying. This is especially true for the infamous mortar attack, which annoys players. Therefore, many players are now demanding playlists without killstreaks.

The killstreak “mortar attack” is at the top of hate list. If it is triggered in multiplayer mode, a murderous mortar fire goes down in the target area. For several minutes it felt like grenades hit everywhere.

Everything shakes and wobbles, dust and dirt fly around, explosions detonate loudly and through the wobble and dirt you can hardly see anything anymore. In normal game modes from multiplayer mode, you are immune to the damage of the attack if a team member triggers it.

Mortar killstreak ruins everyone’s fun

But due to the massive obstructions of the view, the game in the firing zone is practically unplayable. You hardly see or hit anything anymore. That annoys especially on the currently popular little maps like Shipment or Das Haus. Due to their compact design, these maps are almost perfect for fast and wild fights. But through mortar killstreaks, they are sometimes really ruined.

The radius of the mortar grenades is very large and if someone ignites the streak in the middle of the map, a large part of it is initially unplayable. And nothing gives a bigger damper than when player’s daring a courageous advance and suddenly some team idiot thinks he has to let go of the shitty mortar. Then a promising attack is drowned out and player has to hide or take another route. The dynamics are gone, the fun is hit hard.

Players call for nerf of the killstreak

A thread is currently circulating on reddit with almost 2,000 upvotes and over 280 comments, where exactly this killstreak is being criticized. “Who designed this killstreak?” Asks the original poster. A matching answer says “a cruel sadist”.

Another player loudly complains:

There is a special place in Hell for all those people who keep using mortars, bombers or dogs. Seriously, there are only 7 kills [necessary]. And why do they have to shoot three times?

For comparison – in the predecessor Cod: WW2 there was also the streak, but the mortars each shot a shell at three different points. Which made them a lot less annoying.

As a result, many players are currently of the opinion that the streak should be changed. It should either need more kills or, ideally, just take less time and not cause as much shaking and dirt. Then a major nerve factor would be eliminated.

Besides, players wouldn’t be unhappy if there was a special playlist that didn’t have any killstreaks. Because in addition to the mortars, the area bomber attacks and the notorious attack dogs are a problem on small maps, because you simply have no chance and are immediately torn by a bomb or bitten in the butt by a dog as soon as you spawn.

Hopefully the developers take heart and bring some form of adaptation to the killstreaks, because with them the actually perfect little maps like Shipment and Das Haus are just less fun than they should. If you don’t really like CoD Vanguard, you can check out games like Division 2 or Outriders.

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