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CoD Vanguard gets exclusive content for PS4 and PS5

Activision has confirmed in the latest trailer that the new Call of Duty Vanguard will get time-exclusive content for PS4 and PS5. That doesn’t go down well with the players on the other platform.

What is the exclusive content about? For several years now, Call of Duty has been offering exclusive content for the PlayStation consoles in new offshoots. This is also the case with CoD Vanguard, as the latest trailers have shown.

What content is exclusive? That is not completely clear yet. According to CharlieIntel, two additional slots have definitely been confirmed for your loadouts so far. This means that PlayStation players have two more loadouts for their equipment setups.

What other content will come remains to be seen. There was also an exclusive deal for Cold War that even went too far for Sony fans.

At that time, PlayStation players received the following content:

  • Battle Pass Bundle Bonus: If you bought the Premium Battle Pass, 5 additional levels, for a total of 25 levels, were unlocked.
  • PlayStation Party Bonus: Players on the PlayStation as a team (even with non-PS players) received a bonus of 25 percent on weapon XP
  • Double XP Bonus: Every month there were events lasting 24 hours in which PlayStation players got double XP.
  • Extra loadouts: PlayStation players got two more slots for loadouts.
  • Zombie mode Onslaught: This additional game mode for zombies was initially only available for the PlayStation. Only on November 1, 2021 will other platforms get the mode – shortly before the start of CoD Vanguard.

It remains to be seen whether the bonuses will be as generous again this year. However, the players fear the worst.

How long is the content exclusive? In the last trailers on the zombie mode, there was an advertising notice about the exclusive content. Here November 1st is named as the end of time exclusivity, as is the case in Cold War for this year.

This is how the fans react: The reactions are mixed. On the one hand, most players are not really surprised and have already got used to the procedure.

  • Nevertheless, there are still numerous fans who do not approve of this practice at all. Coolade even goes so far as to call it a scam: “I’m not just saying this because I’m an Xbox guy, but there should NOT be exclusivity. […] Blocking content for a particular platform is, in a way, the equivalent of fraud. ” (via Twitter)
  • Discount writes: “I also don’t see why we have to suffer from it.” (via Twitter).
  • Most of all, most hope that there won’t be any exclusive content in Zombie Mode this time around. They fear great disadvantages from this deal.
  • RyTheZombieGuy writes: “I think it’s just stupid how they think that if they do something exclusively for a year it won’t have any impact on the community. Especially since every Onslaught card has information and things like blueprints. ” (via Twitter)

What exactly falls into this deal remains to be seen. The fact that the references to the exclusivity appeared in the new trailers for the zombie mode, of all things, makes the players particularly skeptical.

The story for this was recently revealed in a trailer: In the zombie mode of CoD Vanguard, you save Europe from an army of armored Nazi zombies.

The topic of exclusivity is regularly discussed. Every console manufacturer tries to convince customers of their platform with such content. Recently, Sony has caused quite a stir. Be it with deals like the CoD series or Marvel’s Avengers, where Spider-Man is published as an exclusive DLC, for example.

When does CoD Vanguard appear? The shooter will appear on November 5th. Until then, we should have a better understanding of what exclusive content is coming to PS4 and PS5.

For which platforms is the shooter coming? CoD Vanguard appears on PC, the new consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, as well as on the old consoles Xbox One and PS4.

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