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CoD Vanguard brings an update in the beta

The beta of Call of Duty: Vanguard is thrilling some players, but many are not getting along with the crazy respawn system. It’s so out of control that Sledgehammer Games has to help out with an update.

What is the problem? The CoD Vanguard beta spawns are a thorn in the side for gamers. Often tons of players spawn in one fell swoop in the same place and opponents only have to point their weapons at one point to collect rows of kills. Videos show that the testing phase is a dream for spawn campers right now and why that is so bad.

Spawn kills reduce the fun in multiplayer

How does it look? In the community of practically every shooter, spawn locations are THE topic at some point. The spawn locations are the places where killed players re-enter a game.

The video on YouTube shows what the in-game looks like. The video lasts just under three minutes and shows a “Hotel Royal Spawn Trap Location” – a place where players spawn who are trapped there.

In the clip it becomes clear: Opponents spawn in a heap in the same place and the other team is just waiting there with their weapons at the ready to shoot the new spawns away. Sure, that there, for the opponents in the trap, the fun of the game goes down. The problem is that the game does not seem to recognize where a spawn point is “safe” and where it is held by enemies.

An update for the Vanguard beta

What the developers say: On Twitter, the Sledgehammer Games account explains that they are already working on a solution. “We are aware of the spawn issues at Patrol and are in the process of correcting the spawn logic. Thanks to everyone who participated in the beta. Your feedback is an important part of our development process, so let us know! ” Have you already played the CoD Vanguard beta and did you notice the spawn problems?

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