Cloud Imperium Games opened the RSI zone today.

Cloud Imperium Games today opened the RSI zone at the Intergalactic Aerospace exhibition at Star Citizen. The new ship is almost 100 meters long, and the design and armament literally hints at an extremely aggressive attitude of the owner. It even has additional gatlings for self-defense against smaller ships and torpedoes for larger enemies.

Like all big ships, the RSI Perseus is not cheap and costs as much as $ 600. It should be clarified that all ships in the game can be purchased for in-game currency, without using a credit card, and this device is not yet available for flights. Below you can see the trailer and several images of Perseus.

Сrowdfunding of the game has crossed the $ 327 million mark, and now it is already $ 331,662,372, which is equal to $ 4.3 million for a little more than a day.

The number of registered accounts is 2,901,807. Some of them are registered for free promotions, one of which is taking place right now. Anyone can try out the current build of the game without paying a penny.

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