Closers are coming with Divine Battle point scale and pre-registration for the new character called Bai

the divine battle closers

A couple of days ago, Closers has released a much inclusive update that promises events and adjustments to the side-scrolling anime beat-em-up. There’s a new point scale and a huge sample of balance changes to some characters, also pre-registration for the new Closer character Bai feature.

The Divine Battle system asks players to enter a group — Magra or Dogra — and get some points for their side, accomplishing missions. Ascenting this point scale you will reach to different ranking rewards, and even more, the chance to get specialty items and craft them with group-specific crafting materials. The Divine Battle consists of three steps, the first one will run from now until Monday, April 22nd, and the final step that lets you get doubled amount of  points between the 22nd and 30th of April. The Curtain Call part, where players can collect their rewards, runs between Tuesday, April 30th, and Tuesday, May 7th.

The update also has a bunch of events, a revision of the Title and Achievement system, and some balance tweaks to several members of the Closers list. All of the important details are in the patch notes.


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