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Closed beta testing of New World.

So, in a few weeks, the closed beta testing of the MMORPG New World should begin, which will allow a huge number of fans to get acquainted with this game. In the meantime, the developers continue to release various videos dedicated to the world of Aeternum.

Last time, viewers chose 1 out of 3 houses in Everfall, Weaver’s Fen and Reekwater, where virtual newlyweds could settle. The vote ended with the victory of housing on the Everfall lands. Now you are offered to see an example of how you can equip your own home in New World.

If you did not get access to the alpha testing, the opportunity to go on a trip to the New World will appear on July 20. It is then that the closed beta testing starts, to which everyone who has purchased the game is guaranteed to be allowed. The official release of the game will take place on August 31.

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