Chronicles of Elyria reveals problems' details and offer a solution

Chronicles of Elyria reveals problems’ details and offer a solution to domain and settlement selection

Chronicles of Elyria

A lengthy message was posted on the Chronicles of Elyria site, addressed to the community in regards of domain & settlement selection. It starts with an explanation of the system goals and then talks about changes. “I wanted to post an update and explain some necessary changes to the first week of the event,” writes Jeromy “Caspian” Walsh.

Walsh will represent the teams that are in charge for working on D&SS, and also several challenges that everyone has seen before revealing the solution to most of them:

The game is years away from the official launch, so while you’re waiting we suggest playing other MMOS like Elder Scrolls Online – game with very deep history, reach lore and great combat. Currency in game is ESO gold that you can buy in our store.

When we realized that we were going to be unable to ship the tools necessary for the self-selection of domains and settlements by the chosen start date, we reached out to the 20 monarchs, spread across each of the servers. They’ve agreed that, if given some additional data, such as the tribal distributions of the duchies in the biomes, the size of the larger settlements and some sustainability information, that they feel confident participating in Domain & Settlement Selection “offline,” without the aid of the tool.

So on Monday, when D&SS begins, we’ll be working with the monarchs of the different servers behind the scenes, allowing them to submit to us which kingdom(s) and duchy(s) they’d like to pick (still respecting Influence Order). We will then propagate that information to the rest of the community. We will likewise make available what data we can about the various kingdoms and duchies to the rest of the community – the Royals in particular –¬†who will begin D&SS in Week 2 as planned¬†with the aid of the D&SS website.

So while the monarchs will be working with us offline, our intention is for the Dukes, Counts, and Mayors to gain the benefit of using the tools we’re working on as planned, with full access to the Domain and Settlement Selection map interface.

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