Chaos Wastes an expansion of Warhammer Vermintide 2, will be released on Xbox consoles.

A bit of news from the Warhammer universe indicates that Chaos Wastes, the expansion of Warhammer Vermintide 2, will be released on Xbox consoles on June 3 as a free download. Here are the details and features coming with this extension. If you’re playing on a PlayStation, you’ll have to wait a little longer, but not too long. It is said that the chaos waste will be launched in your systems at the end of June. As for the Xbox, you can expect to play the expansion on Xbox One consoles in addition to the Xbox Series X|S. Via a press release,

“The next chapter in the history of Vermintide 2 has arrived, and it’s available for free download. In the Wastelands of Chaos, players will try to reach the Citadel of Eternity, but only the pure-hearted will be able to complete the journey. To survive the journey to the Citadel, the heroes will have to leave their fancy and hard-earned armor and go back to basics.”

What else was released on Xbox not so long ago? That’s right – Path of Exile, where you can buy the orbs of any kind.

If you’re new to Chaos Wastes and Warhammer Vermintide 2 in general, you might be wondering what you can expect from the expansion. Features include Pilgrim Coins, which are a unique currency that you can exchange for godly favors or weapons. In addition, the Challenge Chest will provide you with some additional challenges. Opening these chests will automatically attract monsters to your location. Defeating them will bring you a reward.

Shrines are also present where you can seek the favor of the gods through miracles and benefactions. However, be careful. You won’t get these miracles for free. It will be a kind of sacrifice. The Waystone altars are nearby and are actually weapons caches that contain weapons from those who came before you. And finally, potions abound. Make sure you stock up on the way. Watch the trailer below:

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