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Changes in the dungeons of Bless Unleashed.

Soon there will be some changes in Bless Unleashed and the team has told a little about it. The changes will take place in the dungeons in the upcoming Secrets and Scions update, including an apology of sorts.

These apologies refer to a new dungeon that was supposed to be released as part of the Secrets and Offspring update. However, it has been delayed and will now be released in a future update. The date of this update was not directly announced. Full dungeon queues will start with the Secrets and Offspring update. This means that you will notice that some dungeons are removed from “Always On” when this transition starts. Instead, they will be moved to a new temporary dungeon system. Bless Unleashed Gold can be bought in respective category of our store.

“The goal of this change will be to offer all players a certain number of Dungeons to play each week on a rotating schedule and reduce the amount of time players wait in queues for the Dungeons they want to play. However, not all dungeons will switch to this format, so don’t be afraid! We will always have a selection of dungeons available in the more traditional dungeon queue, not only to provide players with more untimely content to play, but also to ensure that new players always have a selection of dungeons and Arena challenges available to them at all times.”

Notes the team.

The test will be held from 12 to 16 May. Expect to see an updated skill system, as well as improved combat overall. This includes an evasion phase to avoid breaking down.

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