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Changes in Black Desert that will significantly improve the gameplay.

Pearl Abyss finally held a stream on the pressing problems of Black Desert and promised a lot of things in the near future. We will talk about things that players have been asking for for a long time — from costumes to damage figures. Node wars will be additionally stimulated by rewards, developers are ready for player suggestions.

Patches that improve the usability of various functions will continue to be released. Many players complain that the changes made should have been released earlier, but developers need time to collect feedback. The costumes will be divided into parts more often, as in the last “pirate” appearance of Margoria. This will allow you to customize the characters in a more diverse way.

The alteration of the old characters announced in the letter is designed to balance them with the new characters. The developers did not intend to make new characters (Archer, Guardian, and so on) unbalanced, but now this is their vision in connection with the acquired experience. Regarding the balance of classes, the developers are asked to give a detailed feedback (this can be done in the official discord or in technical support) on the desired changes, and not just: “Ponerfite class X”.

The team plans to make a new treasure along with endless banks of HP/MP. The fact is that they are too hard to get, so there will be an intermediate solution, not so effective, but easier to find. They will also adjust the weight of ordinary pouchens.Developers are concerned about the situation with camouflage suits that hide the character’s nickname, making it barely distinguishable in PvP. They can’t just remove the costumes, but they will consider the suggestions. For example, you could write “Unknown Traveler”instead of Nick.

The pets will most likely get the fifth rank for faster collection. However, the rank can be increased simply for silver. The camp can be set more freely without reporting the wrong place.The developers will add damage figures to the test server and think about live servers, however, according to them, this can lead to an unpleasant atmosphere when the player is judged by damage numbers.

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