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Changes and improvements in World of Warcraft.

So, the recent raid and dungeon improvements hit World of Warcraft in today’s scheduled maintenance. These settings are designed to customize some encounters to make them less challenging overall, and are based on player feedback.

The most important and significant changes were made for the Sodium Castle raid, but the customization was also made for the Sanguine Depths Dungeon. In both cases, players will see a reduction in the damage they take in certain situations, as well as a reduction in health pools for bosses in others. One change is shown below:

Sodium Lock

  • Lady Inerva Darquan.
  • Healers are now selected as the final target of Shared Suffering and Focus the Anima on Finding the Raid, Normal and Heroic Difficulties.
  • Damage to the surrounding loose Anima to open containers has been reduced by the search raid, normal, heroic and difficulty.
  • The purpose of the General suffering no longer take damage from the rays that they are in RAID Finder, Normal and Heroic difficulties.
  • Passing through the opposite edge will continue to deal damage to the target players.

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