Century: Age of Ashes immediately has 10,000 players on Steam

Century: Age of Ashes immediately has 10,000 players on Steam

Yesterday Century: Age of Ashes has been released for PC on Steam. Just a few hours after its release, the game attracted thousands of fans and garnered good reviews.

What kind of game is this? In Century: Age of Ashes you play a dragon rider who competes with his flying companion against other dragon riders.

So it’s a PvP game in the style of War Thunder or the failed World of Warplanes, only with dragons instead of planes. The game is played in rounds and teams, with the division from small 3v3 to 6v6v6 battles. Century offers 3 different game modes for release:

  • Slaughter (or spoils of war): Steal gold from NPCs and opponents while protecting your own.
  • Survival: A type of team deathmatch with limited respawns and resurrections for 18 players in 3 teams.
  • Gates of Fire: Obtain a flag and fly through gates in the arena to get points.
The kites or riders themselves are divided into classes. There are three classes to choose from, which should differ greatly from one another:
  • Wind guards: Something like tanks or protectors
  • Marauders: The counterpart to a fighter plane for the pursuit
  • Phantoms: Can camouflage themselves and set traps

You should be able to customize your kites and riders. Skins that can be bought in the shop change the look. Choose from tanks, saddles, and more. These are purely cosmetic changes.

“Like a fighter jet game, but with dragons”

How is Century: Age of Ashes being received? Shortly after the launch, Century already had 9,979 players on Steam, and the trend was falling. This puts it in second place among the current trends. The ratings are “balanced” at 57%, with 217 ratings so far. The biggest selling point according to reviews is the kites. The style of play reminds many players of dogfight games. The game offers fast, action-packed rounds with gripping gameplay.

Even critics praise: “The game is basically like a fighter jet game, but with dragons. Solid graphics and game concept. Good diversity and differences between the classes ”. However, the performance is not yet ideal. The servers are still unstable and playing with friends doesn’t always work. Getting into a round takes time and of the game modes only Team Deathmatch is possible. Another player with over 100 hours in the beta says the game is worth trying out, but he still lacks long-term motivation. However, according to many reviews, the biggest problem is the faulty server.

When and where can I play it? As of December 2nd, Century: Age of Ashes is available for free on Steam for PC. You can simply download and play it via the client. If Century: Age of Ashes doesn’t convince you yet, you can try playing games like Diablo 2: Resurrected or ESO.

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