CD Projekt RED has shared the patch notes for the upcoming patch 1.3

So, CD Projekt RED has shared the patch notes for the upcoming patch 1.3, including various improvements and fixes. In addition, we get a free addition in the form of a jacket and a new look for Johnny Silverhand. CDPR has published a kind of knowledge preview for this upcoming patch 1.3. If you missed it, we have you covered here. He looked through things like minimap settings and much more. Yesterday, CPDR shared fully corrected notes.

The team described a free addition that includes an alternative look for Johnny Silverhand, a multi-layered Deltajock synthetic leather jacket, a fluorescent punk jacket and a quartz ” Bandit‚ÄĚThe archer. The patch also makes several changes to the balance, including:

  • NCPD will no longer react and show hostility due to dead bodies in Open-world activities.
  • NCPD will now also react to hitting an NPC with a non-lethal weapon.
  • Adjusted the process of dealing damage when shooting at a crowd of NPCs during a fight, depending on the distance and the weapon used.

Some changes related to the PC include:

  • Fixed an issue where tutorial hints were not displayed correctly on 8k screens.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when the save thumbnail was damaged.
  • Fixed switching between windowed and full-screen modes using the Alt+Enter keyboard shortcut.
  • Now you can exit the blocked scan overlay by pressing the TAB key.
  • Added a more compact version of the mouse cursor for PC.

The patch also lists changes related to the console. You can read the full patch notes here. This patch follows patch 1.23, which introduced even more fixes and stability improvements in Cyberpunk 2077.

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