CCP stated that players ‘ goals will be automatically activated.

In a recent forum post, CCP announced that they are setting up drone aggression in EVE Online, probably as a way to combat botting.

This announcement was posted on the CCP Paradox forums, explaining the changes occurring in drone behavior as it relates to NPCs, changing it from atuo-attacking NPC enemies to requiring direct orders from the player before entering battle.

“This way, drones will no longer automatically attack NPCs when their behavior is set to aggressive, and will instead rely on the player’s commands to launch actions against the designated target. We are making this change to ensure that NPC killing actions approach attentive player interaction and rely much less on low-level or lack of attention in gameplay.”

Also, CCP stated that player targets will be automatically activated even if you are attacked. Drones will not automatically capture structures or player-owned Starbase modules or weapons.This seems like a step in line with the CCP’s grander theme for 2020 – introducing more risk back to the New Eden, but also a step to help fight botting and Afkers. As with the rest of eve, the players commenting on this post seem to be a mix of people happy with the change and those who disagree with the move.

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