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Changes to Patch 9.0.5 in World of Warcraft.

The Kaivax Community manager has updated the forums with a series of changes that are being sent to the World of Warcraft Public Test Area. Patch 9.0.5 will return Valor points to the upgradable Heroic Trapezoidal Distortion Gear and apply settings to legendary items and Pact abilities. So, the changes in the field of public […]

Few fixes to Naxxramas.

So, in the latest update, PTR WoW Classic brings a few fixes to Naxxramas, as well as other changes to items and more. What was fixed in Naxxramas? The range of Hagan the Impure’s ability to Burn mana is now slightly longer if Hagan tanks on his platform during the Phase 1 encounter. Fixed a […]

A recent fix for World of Warcraft.

So, as part of the latest and most recent fix for World of Warcraft, Blizzard has now made the completion of the Torghast level unlock across the entire account. There is a rather specific note for this fix: “Completing a layer on any character now unlocks this layer for all characters on the same WoW […]

World of Warcraft: Classic was left without bots.

Blizzard has closed the most popular bot program in World of Warcraft: Classic.In fact, Blizzard Entertainment should have done so at the very beginning of the war on bot farming. After all, the fight against lone bots is useless, but another thing is a direct blow directly to the source of problems. In any case, […]

Weekly World of Warcraft maintenance.

I advise you to get ready for the nerf round, because the weekly maintenance of World of Warcraft is about to lead to a nerf pile of dungeons and raids. So, the sodium Castle can’t escape the nerf and sees the nerfs in the Blood Council, the Slug, and the Stone Legion Generals. Sludgefist sees […]

What can we expect from World of Warcraft?

Well, apparently today we decided to please. Blizzard has finally released a small but informative video about what we should expect this week in World of Warcraft.So, the video reminds us that Torghast: Beasts of Prodigum is ready to play now, but it also points to the start of the Arena World Championship Cup #1, […]

Blizzard has experienced several powerful DDOS attacks.

So, earlier today, Blizzard experienced several powerful distributed denial – of-service DDOS attacks for World of Warcraft. Fortunately, they seem to have been cleared. They acknowledged this attack on Warcraft earlier yesterday in a tweet.Also later they subsided. And Blizzard has released another update on the issue. Also in the news, the World of Warcraft […]

World of Warcraft will appear LFR Wing 2.

So, as it became known, this week World of Warcraft will appear LFR Wing 2-a relic of wealth and much more. These details were published earlier by the official account and include FR Wing 2-Reliquary of Opulence, the Arena Skirmish bonus event, and PvP Brawl: Arathi Blizzard.Also, 2 Wing will be able to see you […]

A little bit about The Burning Crusade: Classic.

After conducting a survey among “trusted” users of World of Warcraft, rumors on the Internet around The Burning Crusade: Classic began to appear more often. Moreover, now some users are talking about the release date of the project. So a well-known video blogger under the nickname “straysafetv”, relying on the words of a source he […]

Return of the Dark Moon Fair World World of Warcraft.

A little new about World of Warcraft. He wants players to challenge some of their past enemies, but still ring in the New Year with fireworks and a Dark Moon Fair. Blizzard wants to let players know that they can participate in the return of Timewalking: Wrath of the Lich King event starting today. The […]