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World of Warcraft Classic beta-testers are massively reporting “bugs”, which are simply old features

world of warcraft classic

Closed beta-test for World of Warcraft Classic has begun and many “not veteran” testers started to report “bugs” one after another, which actually turn out to be Classic’s original features, upgraded so many times through years that they appear as bugs to all the newcomers. And while old players are seemingly fine with that, those, who joined […]

World of Warcraft will be back to its origins with Drums of War update on August 27; 15th Anniversary Collection

wow classic

World of Warcraft Classic officially will be launched on August 27, so the Classic version fans can repeat the experience. For those, who have never seen the first launch this is an opportunity to take a look at their beloved MMORPG’s original form. Although, this new version is slightly different and more “soft”, since some […]

World of Warcraft: Classic will let you create up to 50 characters

WoW 50 characters

As Blizzard has said players may have ten characters per realm in World of Warcraft: Classic, but what if you can have 50 max-level characters? That’s pretty sick, but if you wish, why not? Now you can do it. Now you can have up to fifty characters in the Classic realms (player’s region). How does it […]

World of Warcraft Classic will open new items for use partly, depending on the content phase

World of Warcraft Classic

Actually itemization is quite a big problem in World of Warcraft: Classic. We, of course have some improvement of gear in the game, but the previous gear pieces often can be not so useful, than they really could. And also there’s the modulation of the content rollout to think of. A new dev blog post […]

New World of Warcraft update is placed on the patch 8.2 test server


It still remains unknown, when the next major World of Warcraft patch releases, however, there’s another patch to the test server, which means that new stuff has been put on that test server. The unboxing all of the content can be found in the latest 8.2 patch has already begun, so if you have some […]

Another character from World of Warcraft will appear in Heroes of the Storm

Anduin Wrynn WoW

The Anduin Wrynn will reach to Heroes of the Storm soon, like some of the other WoW characters before, now that’s official. In the MOBA’s patchnotes on April 23d, Blizzard announced that Anduin goes as a ranged healer with paladin-like spells, like Flash Heal, Divine Star, Leap of Faith, Lightbomb, and Holy World: Salvation. “With Shalamayne by his side, […]

Games’ ranking: Division 2, Apex Legend, Fortnite, Perfect World, Pokemon Go and WoW

division 2

In case, you worry about The Division 2 success, Ubisoft’s big multiplayer sequel is #1 at Superdata’s global gaming revenue charts for March. But while they aren’t holding any records, it’s the battle royale games still bringing money one month after another, as both Fortnite and Apex Legends remain high positions on PC and console. […]

You will be able to communicate with your WoW friends from your phone now

World of Warcraft

Probably any of you guys own a phone, which automatically makes you all the target audience for the new update coming for the relevant app for World of Warcraft. If you don’t have one you won’t be able to update your game, since it’s a phone app. To the rest auditory, now you can talk in guild […]

World of Warcraft: v8.2 Rise of Azshara, big review, trailer and stream dedicated to the update included

WOW Rise of Azshara

On April 11th Jeremy Feasel, the World of Warcraft’s senior game designer, represented in details the upcoming 8.2 Rise of Azshara content. The RoA update will go live on the WoW PTR next week, but hasn’t been presented before that stream, so fans were excited since it’s the first real appear of 8.2 for now. […]

World of Warcraft Factor: The level squish as the temporary solution

world of warcraft

Well,  it’s been a long time since Ion Hazzikostas once more placed the idea of a “level squish”  for World of Warcraft. At this juncture, it’s been said several times that it looks like an inevitable thing and it’ll happen for sure. In my opinion the level squish is actually a fine solution as a beginning of fixing some of the […]