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Blizzard requested 69,99$ for a hero copy and the 58th level – WoW: Burning Crushade Classic

Previously appeared in the net MMORPG World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic release date was confirmed by Blizzard. The company also announced the date of pre-patch having new races and special event installation. It’s set for the 18th of May. The price of the concomitant services were presented and users were a little bit shocked […]

The Burning Crusade expansion for WoW Classic is coming June 1

In the meantime, while the upcoming classic add-on CBT is inaccessible to many players, an unexpected leak occurred in the vastness of Specifically, one of the Reddit users was accidentally shown an ad for The Burning Crusade Classic with a release date. The incident took place at the Heroes of the Storm’s main page. […]

Тhe spring event of World of Warcraft, Noblegarden started yesterday.

So, the spring event of World of Warcraft, Noblegarden started yesterday and will last until April 12. During this event, you will be able to collect eggs, chocolate, as well as many other amenities. The event takes place in several different locations around the World of Warcraft, such as Dolanaar, Azure Watch, Goldshire, Haranos, Brill, […]

Beta testing in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic.

Well, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic is currently undergoing beta testing ahead of its upcoming launch, and players may have noticed a level-up. It used to be 64, but now it’s been pushed to 68. This change was announced via a post on the Blizzard forums  which, among other things, brought many bug […]

Blizzard forums announced that they will finally be fixing the engeance Demon Hunter magic.

Yesterday, Blizzard forums announced that they will finally be fixing the engeance Demon Hunter magic damage bug in the upcoming World of Warcraft weekly reset on March 30. This reset will also show some changes in tank liabilities. Blizzard made announcements on the World of Warcraft forums today, detailing its case for solving this problem […]

Customize raids and classes in World of Warcraft.

Maintenance in World of Warcraft brings customization to raids, classes. Moreover, the Nafria Lock gets several such settings. These classes that have been affected by this setting include Hunter (Beast Skill, Marksmanship), Monk (Windwalker), and Sorcerer (Demonology). Almost all of the adjustments made here seem to be damage buffs. And Nafria Castle received several adjustments […]

Good news for World of Warcraft.

In some good news, the new World of Warcraft Pet charity program is now live-streaming, where you can donate money to a good cause. This charity event is part of the global response to COVID-19, in particular the MSF COVID-19 Crisis Fund. All donations through April 26 (or until the stretch goals below are met) […]

Players will be able to get the beta version of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic.

So, for players who have been waiting to get their hands on the beta version of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic, you may not have to wait long if an internal email leaked on Reddit. The leak, posted by a Reddit user, points to an email sent to Blizzard employees about the upcoming […]

World of Warcraft Classic “The Fresh Crusade ” opened for business.

So, officially, the World of Warcraft Classic server “The Fresh Crusade “ opened for business. If you are not at all aware of what it is and for what, then this is, in fact, a public initiative to create a new start in WoW Classic. We previously reported that they have about 7,000 players ready […]

Changes and improvements in World of Warcraft.

So, the recent raid and dungeon improvements hit World of Warcraft in today’s scheduled maintenance. These settings are designed to customize some encounters to make them less challenging overall, and are based on player feedback. The most important and significant changes were made for the Sodium Castle raid, but the customization was also made for […]