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Official release of the “Fire of Ambition ” expansion.

Already this month, the official release of the expansion “Fire of Ambition”, the first part of the annual adventure “Gates of Oblivion” for The Elder Scrolls Online, will take place, and at the same time, the free update 29 will be installed on the game’s servers. One of the main innovations of the upcoming update […]

The Elder Scrolls Online Begins to Unlock Characters for Flames of Ambition.

So, we’re getting closer to the upcoming March release of The Flames of Ambition DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online, where the ZeniMax team begins to pull back the veil of some characters, starting with Dremora, Lyranth. Flame of Ambition launches on PC, Mac and Google Stadia on March 8, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox […]

A small addition to The Elder Scrolls Online will be released “Fire of Ambition”.

In a month to The Elder Scrolls Online will be released a small addition “Flames of Ambition ”, which will mark the beginning of the previously announced story chapter “The Gates of Oblivion”, in connection with which the Zenimax Online studio decided to share details about one of its constituent dungeons. The “Cauldron” is an […]

The Elder Scrolls Online Team will disable Item Set Bonuses.

So, in some attempts to continue testing the performance of Cyrodill PvP, The Elder Scrolls Online team will disable item set bonuses beyond the net stat gain in the February 15 test. According to the team, this will greatly affect any set that includes a proc, or any condition that is conditioned by an ability. […]

Notes on the PTS patch for Elder Scrolls Online.

Well, just recently Zenimax shared notes on the PTS patch for Elder Scrolls Online, which brings tomorrow’s Jester Festival. In a recent post on their forums, the Jester Festival was actually moved to tomorrow, as noted by community manager Gina Bruno. Look for the festival, which starts tomorrow at 10a Eastern time. As for what […]

”Mid-year Carnage” in The Elder Scrolls Online.

While the announced annual adventure “The Gates of Oblivion” will begin only in March, with the release of the expansion “Fire of Ambition” studio Zenimax Online offers users of the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online to take part in the”Mid-year Carnage”. This PvP event will last until February 9 and will earn a special reward, […]

A new chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online.

Yesterday, ZeniMax Online Studios has finally announced its upcoming release of the Chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online, which will be known as Blackwood. It was said that the companions would also come to the MMO. But in a new interview from the developer, a little more information was received about what this could mean […]

Trial version of Elder Scrolls Online.

So, Elder Scrolls Online is holding another free trial until January 26. And a few details about it. The free trial will last until January 26 at 10a Eastern time. In fact, as in the previous free trial versions, you will also be able to take advantage of several advantages of the ESO Plus subscription. […]

The gates of Oblivion in Elder Scrolls Online.

So, after Elder Scrolls Online teased us with the Gates of Oblivion last year and many of us waited very patiently and anxiously for this opening on January 21, but unfortunately the team decided to postpone the opening until January 26 because of the inauguration day in the United States, which begins on January 20. […]