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Soon we will learn about the new dungeons in ESO

ESO Live, will now include the launch of the Stonethorn community dungeon later. This broadcast is scheduled to take place today at 4 p.m. Eastern time. You won’t be able to join it, but you will be able to join the community managers when they look at the recently released dungeons as part of the […]

Patch in update 27.

Extended character patches in update 27 in Elder Scrolls Online have been described in a new post. As mentioned, the update will allow players to turn their bland homes into a more lively space that will be filled with both animals and helpers. By the way, the post also included a bit from one developer […]

New dungeons, achievements, and much more..

“We heard from players that they would like to get another level of difficulty in the dungeons to challenge themselves, considering the Sunspire and Kyne’s Aegis trials and how well they were received, we decided that this would be a good opportunity to do this in the dungeons as well.” this is what the developers […]

What are the advantages of Elder Scrolls Online?

Today I would like to talk to you about the things that I like about the Elder Scrolls Online. Why in it? Well, it was my first game that really brought both gaming pleasure and nerves from passing. At the moment, I have played more than one game and I can say that the Elder […]

It is unknown when Elder Scrolls Online will be available on new consoles.

Recently, a Bethesda tweet was posted that assures ESO players and fans that they will not have to spend twice to get their MMO version on an updated console that was chosen to their liking. Although nothing has been said about when Elder Scrolls Online will be available on both new consoles, but players believe […]

Elder Scrolls Online Stonethorn DLC Hits PTS, Along With Patch Notes

Staunton introduces two new dungeons such as Stone garden, which is located in the depths BlackICE also the castle of torn. You can take a 360-degree tour of thorn castle. Also released new sets of elements, such as unleashed horror, Lady Thorne, Crimson Twilight. The stone garden will receive the most elemental catalyst, Kraglen’s howl, […]

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor on June 16th

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Will Launch On Google Stadia June 16th The Elder Scrolls Online is coming to Google’s Stadia. Recently we got to know when. ZeniMax Online Studios announced that the Stadia version of their MMORPG is hitting June 16th. On Twitter was mentioned, the Stadia version of ESO will hit next month […]

You Can Get Started In Greymoor, Launching Tomorrow on PC/Mac

You Can Get Started In Greymoor, Launching Tomorrow on PC/Mac The Elder Scrolls Online team recently shared some tips on how you can get started in their upcoming Greymoor chapter. Let’s note that it releases tomorrow on PC/Mac. The team notes there are several ways in which you can traverse Western Skyrim, the new region […]