Dimensional Ink Games recently announced the launch of the seasonal summer event ” Tides of War”.

Continuing to follow the plan for the development of the MMORPG DC Universe Online planned for 2021, the studio Dimensional Ink Games recently announced the launch of a seasonal summer event called ” Tides of War”. According to the plot of the event, the Lord of the Ocean, Aquaman’s half-brother, united the rebellious Atlanteans to […]

From Software: Elden Ring will get online mode

From Software has confirmed plans for the development of the world. Elden Ring, the largest game in From Software history, premieres in January. The project was created in collaboration with writer George Martin, author of history and elements of the universe. Yasuo Miyakawa, CEO of publisher Bandai Namco, confirmed that the world of Elden Ring […]

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis aired this morning.

Finally, Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis went live this morning after a series of problems marred the launch earlier this morning. The SEGA team announced that the servers are finally open almost 8 hours after they were originally supposed to go live. But originally scheduled to go live at 4am EDT/1am PDT, the servers […]

ArenaNet invites players to learn more about the events that are taking place.

In preparation for the release of the third expansion of the MMORPG Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet studio offers players to learn more about the events taking place and distributes the second season of live history. This week, episodes of “Echoes of the Past” and “Tangled Paths”became available. Until June 15, they can be obtained completely […]

Mobile MMORPG EVE Echoes continues to develop actively.

Mobile MMORPG EVE Echoes continues to develop actively. The development team announced the release of the next major update. Players are waiting for space exploration and a large number of other equally important changes. The update will introduce players to a number of new technologies. In the world of New Eden, there is a group […]

An update for outsiders led to the establishment of contacts.

A very recent update for outriders has resulted in region-based contacts to improve connections, as well as several other updates. The highlights of this update are as follows: Implemented a block that prevents players from kicking other players at the end of an expedition session. Implemented regional mapping to improve the quality of multi-user connections. […]

Crossover event with BUGATTI started at Black Desert

Another update has been released in Black Desert, which also launched new events. The key one was the event in cooperation with the BUGGATI brand, the creators of the famous supercars. The event brought a set of BUGATTI equipment to the premium store, as well as BUGATTI CHIRON I, II armor and BUGATTI earrings for […]

Leaked: Seven New Genshin Impact Characters and Inazuma Map

Information about the next major update for combat RPG continues to be leaked. It seems that rumors are confirmed that after the “summer update” of version 1.6. a major 2.0 will be released. On June 7, miHoYo announced three new characters: Kamisato Ayaka – Krio (Frost). Yoimiya – Pyro (Fire). Sayu – Anemo (Air). In […]