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Square Enix: made an announcement about the brand of action games Balan Company

Square Enix has made a statement that they are launching a new brand of action games, Balan Company. It will bring together professionals in the field of game, video, and music development that Square Enix has created. Balan Company is more like actors and employees of a troupe and a musical.These are professionals from very […]

Watch Dogs 2: Ubisoft resumed the free distribution of the game.

Ubisoft has resumed distributing a free copy of the game Watch Dogs 2, they announced this in their account. Watch Dogs 2 was planned to be distributed to all players who watched the Ubisoft Forward presentation stream while registered in the game. But in the course of everything, it turned out that the company’s servers […]

Shroud of the Avatar: The update will view the castle of the Lord Briton.

In the latest update, the Shroud of the Avatar team previewed Lord Briton’s castle. Viewing the castle was accompanied by several photos that showed the courtyard, as well as the structure of the castle. The team wrote that players should have access to the second episode to check it out. There was also information about […]

What actions to take in Final Fantasy XIV during patch delay 5.3?

This is July, which means that the next patch will only be available for a month.During this time, until the patch is released, you can do a couple of things. You can master blue magic and complete your relics. The biggest difference between blue magic and any other is that syncing doesn’t change your abilities […]

Raiderz Update: New combat, new animation, new passive skills

A few days ago, the MMORPG RaiderZ from Masangsoft published a new post on their Facebook page describing the changes that will be included in the game. According to the post, they will make a change to the quest system, allowing players to start and finish quests without having to run back and forth. They […]

BlazeSky: space action game is released on Steam in the fall

Independent lone developer will Iverson, who performs under the label of the Studio Double Robot, is preparing to release his science fiction role-playing action movie BlazeSky. The game, which resembles both Asteroids and Rebel Galaxy, is due to be released on Steam in the fall. In BlazeSky, we will get the role of an independent […]

Instead of the Elder Scrolls 6 appeared Skyrim with new graphics

Instead of the new and promised game the Elder Scrolls 6 from Bethesda, fans were shown a new version of Skyrim with a different and improved graphics. Players were delighted with the game’s new graphics. The video that was posted with the game is on the Anarion Graphics channel. As previously reported in this build, […]

New world: Amazon game studios delayed the launch of the game until 2021

New World was originally supposed to be released in May, but was moved to 25 hours due to the problems faced by the entire world. The Studio says that they will most likely postpone the launch of the game again until the spring of 2021. They also commented on this: “We will change the launch […]

Fortnite Epic Games will receive an investment in the amount $250 Million from Sony.

Sony invested $ 250 million in Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite and the Epic Games Store. According to some reports, the total amount of funds raised by Epic Games was 1.83 billion dollars. The new investment, according to Venture Beat, will allow ” Sony and Epic to expand their collaboration” through current Sony games […]

Co-Op dinosaur survival horror game deathground kiks off kikstarter compaign.

Jaw Drop Games is a British indie developer who just recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for an upcoming third-person dinosaur survival game. The UE4-powered game will have both solo and team-based gameplay in a dark environment that will be teeming with dinosaurs. Players will either fight or hide in order to complete […]